What we offer

Our engagement model


Modern ASIC design involves the complex interaction of project functional requirements, advanced node foundry process technology, concurrent IP design and integration, EDA tools experience and design methodologies.

Entire ASIC development process includes a product requirements adjustment, system-level design, RTL development and IP integration, logic and physical design with a sauce of complex design methodologies with advanced node implementation, design for test, package design and product engineering species.

Our company provide complex design services starting with different engagement models – acting like customer’s team members with OEM model, turnkey design services or provide consulting services.


Customer team

In this engagement model our engineers joins customer team on site or remotely and working as customer team members.

Turnkey design services

We provide turnkey design services with different hand-off models: Architecture, RTL, Gate and Layout design.

Consulting offerings

In this model, our engineering team acting like remote support team solving project problems and specific methodology applications on case-by-case basis.

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